• 12am - 1am

    Midnight Music

  • 1am - 5am

    Nineties Through the Night

  • 5am - 8am

    Wake Up Tamworth

  • 8am - 10am

    Wake up to Rachel

    with Rachel White. The best in music and entertainment whilst keeping you updated with all things Tamworth. Keep up to date with local news and weather on the hour, plus regular travel updates.

  • 10am - 12pm

    Your Voice in the Community

  • 12pm - 2pm

    Tamworth's Lunch Break

    Listen Live

  • 2pm - 4pm

    Afternoon Tunes

  • 4pm - 6pm

    Tamworth's Drive Home

    with Simon Soude

  • 6pm - 8pm

    Tied to the 90s

    Ollie Hand presents a trip down memory lane, playing the biggest hits of the 1990s. From rave, grunge, Britpop and the cheesiest of cheesy pop.

  • 8pm - 10pm

    Paul France

  • 10pm - 12am

    Grumpy Show Repeat

    Another chance to hear all your favourite nostalgic music, plus some idle chat and a few silly jokes.