A Kind Of Magic (13/6/20)

Review by Callum Wallace

With theatres currently all shut up we’d lost hope that we’d see any form of live events until very much later in the year, however here comes Magical Bones with a new “Kind of Magic Show”

The audience logs into Zoom for an hour of brilliant magic tricks and performances from, not only the BGT star but special guests too, such as Magic Singh and Brendan Rodrigues. It’s a wonderful experience to come out of this lockdown, and I hope to see more things like this in the future.

Bones is a brilliant and welcoming host for this event, he is cool, calm and collected; easily going from trick to trick and encouraging loads of “virtual love” in the form of digital clapping and thumbs up emojis. His tricks were excellent, and the virtual environment did not take anything away from the talent on display.

I was lucky enough to get picked for a trick as well, a magical flip book of train tickets that somehow predicted the card I chose! I don’t know how he does it. A refreshing and inventive trick I had never seen before as a fan of magic myself. In other tricks he solved a Rubik’s cube before our eyes and took us through a wonderfully bizarre card ripping and restoration which got everyone involved in the show.

The guest acts were also a joy to watch, being seamlessly broadcast live as part of the show (I must say the tech department did a wonderful job of keeping the show moving smoothly) there were aerial performers (Shelley Baker) and incredibly talented dancers (Body Popper, Brooke Milliner)  as well as two wonderful magicians (as mentioned above).

This evening helped restore some hope in the arts and, now that theatre is finding its feet in this new landscape, I can’t wait to see what other offerings make themselves known in the coming months.