Sherlock Holmes: An Online Adventure

Lockdown has been getting to us all, this third lockdown has likely been the hardest of them all, but with almost one year, theatre companies have had plenty of time to adapt to creating an online experience. And Les Enfants Terribles (the team behind this production) have achieved a truly immersive evening that is bound to leave you entertained, even if you aren’t likely to graduate from the detective academy any time soon….

You’ll be paired with a group of strangers, my group were great fun, and I’m sure yours will be too. It’s a truly interactive experience, and the host; Dr. Watson (played by Chazz Redbeard in our case) is on hand to help with any technical issues And to guide you through the case. 

I must say, everything worked extremely well. The use of Zoom and an external web app was brilliant. Allowing you to fully explore environments in full 360°. You are in control of the show. The effort that the designers have gone to here is astounding. The experience was smooth and incredibly entertaining. 

That being said, if you want to figure out the mystery you will have to work hard; I don’t know whether it’s just me being simple, but it was tricky to piece things together. You may think differently, it’s a great challenge! When everything is revealed at the end, it all comes together and makes sense. But up until then, quite a lot went over my head. 

I highly recommend giving it a go, it’s a brilliant experience that fully puts you in control and immerses you from your own living room. I’ve tried a few escape rooms over the months of lockdown and this has been the best. And I look forward to following this company more as Lockdown releases, as if this is what they are capable of in lockdown, I simply must see more of their work.