Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (8/1/20)

It’s that time of year again for the Birmingham Hippodrome. Oh yes it is! Matt Slack is back again as Muddles “This year” In Snow White And The Seven Dwarves.

Welcoming everyone into the show are the titualar gang, “The Magnificent Seven” immediately they put the audience at ease, setting up the perfect Pantomime atmosphere, with plenty of local references in the opening number. They don’t have much to do on stage but when they are there they work wonderful as a group, adding to every scene they are in.

From then on the host of zany characters the audience expects from a Pantomime are introduced with hilarious writing by Alan McHugh. Nannie Annie Aspirin picking on her new boyfriend Darren on the front row; Snow White is exactly who she needs to be; Prince Harry is wonderfully charming and the perfect match for Snow and Joe Mcelderry is a wonderfully upbeat Magic Mirror and Lesley Joseph is brilliantly evil as Queen Dragonella, able to provoke the crowd wonderfully into booing throughout.

But of course the stand out performer, as always in the Hippodrome, is Matt Slack as Muddles “This year” no one has more energy than him on stage, going from joke to joke to joke without missing a single beat. He allows you to feel as if you are all his best friend within the first few lines he speaks on stage.

At some points I was confused as to Doreen Tipton’s character, as I feel that there was an expectation of the audience to know who she is before seeng the show. So for someone as clueless as myself it was odd to see someone so not bothered and lifeless in a production such as this. Regardless, the rest of the cast made up the energy she was unable to create. Not making much difference to the overall performance.

There were some incredible stand out moments in this show; the Alexa gag being one of the funniest thanks to Matt Slack’s timing alongside Jac Yarrow, fresh out of drama school, who has an incredible voice that I don’t feel was utilised enough, I wanted to hear more! Another stand out moment was the 12 Days Of Christmas. Still managing to keep traditional routines incredibly fresh.

The Twins Effects supplied the panto, as they do every year, with magical illusions that astound the audience when used. Such as a flying sleigh and evil dragon.

Overall, a hilarious night out for all the family. I would definitely recommend this panto.