On Demand

  • 12am - 2am

    Dancefloor Classics

    12am 1am

  • 2am - 5am

    Noughty Nightimes

    2am 3am 4am

  • 5am - 7am

    The Weekend Wake-Up

    5am 6am

  • 7am - 9am

    The Tamworth Big Saturday Breakfast

    Mike Thomas kick starts your weekend with two hours of snap, crackle and pop. Lots of great music, local news, information and whats going on in Tamworth. Plus The Full English, Early kick off, Tamworth Earworm, the Bride or Groom of the week and what’s making you smile Tamworth?

    7am 8am

  • 9am - 10am

    Chris Grantham

    The best music from across the decades, plus the Link, Bits and Pieces, the Disco Flashback and your latest showbiz.